A Week of My Cartoons From October 31st to November 6th

7 Nov

Something new for you here that I thought I’d try to hopefully grab your attention is a roundup of the past week of my Break of Day cartoons. I’ll be adding in my little comments about them, explain a few of them and whatever else comes to mind. I can only assume it might be a bit repetitive if you read my work already and then I just post them up without anything else to offer. But don’t worry! I’ve got stuff to say. Nothing too insightful, but hey – what post of mine are?

So, I like to think of my little tour de force as my “wrap-up” show. Even though it’s not a show – it’s a post.

Today, we’re starting off on a holiday. Yes, that’s right, kids – HALLOWEEN! Thou it’s over, here’s where the comics begin from a week ago.

Above: October 31st cartoon

Aaa, good ol’ Alfred Hitchcock. He’s been a viable source of comedy for a lot of my work. It shows how good of a director he was when decades later, people of all ages still can get the Bates Motel reference. That makes my work easy! Thank God he didn’t have this movie take place in a Super 8 or something. Have you slept on their sheets? Now THAT’S scary!

This idea stemmed from the last line in the movie when it’s mentioned how Norman Bates and his mother (well, spoiler alert – they’re actually the same person in this movie) “wouldn’t harm a fly”. Yes, yes they would. In fact, if a fly took a shower, it would probably be a pretty disturbing scene.

Above: November 1st cartoon

This one – a LOT of people didn’t seem to get the reference or get it (from what I could gather from the comments). Even people that watched The Shining (which is what this cartoon is from – der!). But for me, this was one of those personal comics that was fun for me to draw and make. And it made me laugh – so at least one person got the gag.

My caricatures can suck on some level. I get them good on occasion – other times, not so much. A few people didn’t think this looked like Jack Nicholson. What I did was trying to make him the way Jack looked in The Shining (early 80’s) – not currently. And I went off a picture from the movie – and honestly, he kinda looked like this. Did I nail the caricature? Eh, could have been better. Did I make a good cartoon? Well, it’s a fave of mine. I do wish I would’ve put an axe in the background, but oh well.

Above: November 2nd cartoon

I’ve never tried to count sheep to get to sleep. Does that work? I would have more fun counting elephants or toasters hopping over a fire pit. But, I guess if you can’t count to begin with – it wouldn’t matter.

Above: November 3rd cartoon

The joke on this was actually an idea I got from watching the movie Me, Myself and Irene with Jim Carrey. He (Carrey’s character, Charlie) had three sons that looked nothing like him (if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about). So, with this snake believing that his kids are his – it either shows a wild case of adultery with the snakes significant other (like, she had worm babies) or just a case of mistaken identity. More so, it’s just a pretty dumb snake.

Above: November 4th cartoon

“Step right up, ladies and gentlemen!” blared over the loud-speaker as everyone was about to check out the high wire act. And shortly afterwards, a cruel collapse due to having a morbid swing partner leads to a “Auughhh!” followed by a thump. Well, unless – let’s just say – there was a safety net. But, picture the next panel as you will.

I’m not a fan of the circus. I don’t like how animals are treated, but I wont get into a rant about that. Mostly, it’s the creepy clowns and annoying organ grinders.

And high wire acts? They can be entertaining. I like my take on it. THAT would be entertaining!

Above: November 5th cartoon

It would be like a missing person walking around with their picture on a missing person t-shirt. Awkward.

Above: November 6th cartoon

Ant farms are a goldmine for good ideas. I’ll be having more ant farm cartoons coming out throughout the next several years – or my lifetime – whatever comes first. If ants could talk, I would love to hear what they think about their surroundings in a encompassed, plastic farm life. Would they sit out on the porch and talk about the weather like most farmers?

ANT: “Welp, I heard it’s supposed to be dry the next few days.”

ANT 2: “Yup.”

ANT: “The weather sure don’t change much around here.”

ANT 2: “Yup.”

ANT: “I reckon it’s not going to change anytime around here.”

ANT 2: “Yup.”

ANT: “Welp, good talkin’ to ya’.”

ANT 2: “Yup.”


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