Time Change Chaos

9 Nov

I’m not used to the time change. No, I’m not going to go-off about it or anything. After all, this is the GOOD time change, right? Extra hour of sleep. You know, this is the one most people like.

I don’t mind it, but I think I’ve taking it’s original intention a little too far. I find myself not wanting the extra hour – but two to three extra hours instead. Like, I’m taking advantage of it. Almost like I keep borrowing time from, well, Father Time, without paying him back. And it’s ruining my normal productivity.

Above: Some kid borrowing something (looks like an egg – sunnyside up) from Father Time

I figured I would wake up all bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed now that I get the extra hour in. Nope. I feel more tired. And in the evenings, I am starting to get tired around nine instead of eleven. It’s all out of whack.

Here’s my mornings – BEFORE the time change:

ME: “Well, it’s morning. HELLO WORLD! Time to get up! Coffee needs made. Oh yea!”

Here’s my mornings now:

ME: “uGGGH. Mppph…..”

Here’s my evenings around nine PM – BEFORE the time change:

ME: “I’m so glad there aren’t shows like that God-awful Friends on anymore. Plenty of better options. I couldn’t stand that Joey character. Where’s that remote? Cheese and crackers sound good about now. Mmmm. Or wait, do I want Cookie Crisp instead? Hmm.”

Above: Joey: The lowest form of comedy ever broadcast on network television. Period.

And around nine PM now:

ME: “uGGGH. Mppph….”

And a bit later:

ME: “uGGGH. Mppph….”

I’ll get used to it. It seems to be taking longer than usual this time around though. I guess I don’t adjust well to change. But then again, I change my clothes everyday without any setback.

Like I mention though – I’m not complaining. I’m a known insomniac. In fact, I’m lucky for all the sleep I’ve been getting. But, like my jokes, insomnia for me isn’t consistent. Which is good for, well, sleep.

What will happen is I’ll get used to the time change, and then it will be time for the other time change (in the spring).

Oh well. I stayed awake this long to write this post. After you reading this and wasting your time on this shit, you’re probably wishing I didn’t.


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